Since 2006, Rajatek Oy has been manufacturing oil for the food industry, including unflavoured/plain oil, and oil with natural flavouring, e.g. flavoured with lemon and butter aroma.

High-quality oil for the food industry

Since 2006, Rajatek Oy has been developing, manufacturing and supplying oils for the food industry, and for industrial-sized kitchens. Our largest customers include the baking industry, the meat- and fish-processing industry, as well as restaurants.

Our business is based on strong competence in our field. We emphasize the research and product development of food oils, and we are active participants in the process. The results of the development work are readily available for our customers.

Rajatek Oy’s active and networked method of operation enables us to offer competitive pricing, as well as the ability to meet the customers’ needs quickly.

In our reliable network, quality control covers the entire process in accordance with the house control plan.

Rajoil products are delivered through wholesalers and contracting entities, as well as directly to customers.



Rajoil products are manufactured from various types of oil. The products are available in different strengths, flavours, and in combinations of the above.

Our product selection includes oils used by the food industry and industrial-sized kitchens for preparing, flavouring and preserving food products.

Rajoil products are excellent for preparing food in restaurants; for cold and warm dishes, sauces, baking, deep-frying, marinating, and as is for salads and as condiments.

We also manufacture products according to the customer’s own recipes.

The standard packaging sizes for Rajoil oils are 10, 20, 200 and 1000 litres. The customer can also choose a different packaging size.


Raw materials

We use domestic raw materials whenever possible. The reliable business partners in our network, in addition to high-quality, carefully chosen raw materials, are of utmost importance for our business.


Rapeseed oil products are our largest products, but we also supply sunflower, soybean, olive, nut and palm oil.


Various flavourings are often added to oils, to highlight their deliciousness and taste.

Currently, these are the flavours we use the most: garlic, butter flavouring, lemon, herb and pesto.


We also supply food colourings, vitamins, emulsifiers and dispersants, thickeners and preservatives, fibres, as well as other additives used in food processing.


Product development

In addition to our own product development, we participate as experts in product development projects if the customer so requests.

Products are developed and tested in testing bakeries.


Other activities and services


  • procurement of equipment for processing
  • process optimization
  • training

 Recyclable material 

Rajatek Oy buys and sells recyclable material, such as plastic, cardboard and metal.


As we are developing our business further, we are interested in new co-operation opportunities in Finland and elsewhere.




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